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Thanks for providing this list of grief-related books for children. Thank you for this amazing list of books to assist children through the grieving process. If it is ok, I too would like to add a link to your list. Your email address will not be published. We respect your email privacy. Powered by AWeber Email Marketing. Username Password Remember Me. Share 1K. Pin Tom brady October 4, at am Reply. Morgan August 24, at pm Reply.

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  1. Ghosts of Illinois and Iowa: The Haunted Hotels, Inns and Bed and Breakfasts;
  2. Gold Fever: A Klondike Mystery;
  3. 64 Children's Books About Death and Grief - What's Your Grief;
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Christy Weeks August 3, at pm Reply. Eleanor Haley August 3, at pm Reply. Kacy April 11, at pm Reply. Juztice April 3, at pm Reply. Manette February 4, at am Reply. This is a book I recently picked up at our local Christian bookstore.

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One thing I really like about this book is it can be personalized. There are places for a child to draw pictures of how they are feeling, what they look like they are sad, etc. This book goes into a lot of detail about death, including details about how the soul continues to live but the body is like an empty house. This book also talks about Heaven and how Jesus opens the door to Heaven when we accept him as our Savior.


But we do know Heaven is wonderful. It is not a sad or scary place to be. It is a happy place, a fun place, a terrific place. In fact, Heaven is better than the very best place you can think of. The following books were recommended by readers. I have not personally read them, but you can read the comments to see how they have helped hurting families:. Has your family dealt with the loss of a loved one?

What books did you find comforting to share with your child ren??? Please read my full disclosure. We've all been there School is quickly approaching I thought I…. These sound awesome-I could have used them a year and a half ago when our daughter went to heaven-I have a child care home and had to help the kiddos.. I particularly like Mother, Come Home. A book about a boy who deals with the loss of his mother and psychological break down of his father at the same time. It applies to any grief filled situation. It originally came when we were dealing with the death of a too-young family member, it has seen us through others since.

We still get it off the shelf. The pictures are gorgeous — and, like the poster above, it definitely applies to all grief situations. My daughter continues to ask for it as well, and has told me she wants to read it to her new baby brother when he gets older — so she can tell him about her Babcia……. I have also used The Fall of Freddy the Leaf with my children.

It uses the analogy of the life cycle of a tree to explain that death is a natural part of life.

  2. Gorgias o de la retórica (Spanish Edition).
  3. The Darkness Of 10,000 Stars.

I loved and it and ended up buying several copies to keep on hand to give as gifts to families with children who I know have experienced a loss. My sister passed away from cancer when my daughter was just 7.

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  • They were very close, so it was naturally very difficult for my daughter. But, knowing that my sister is in heaven gave us all comfort. My sisters name was Joy. My son died a few months ago. Jess, I am so very sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing the books that have helped you and your family! God had used him for some very special reasons. I was to only have him for 2 yrs the drs. He died unexpectantly, but we know he was heaven bound. They were 7 and 4.

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