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When the captains and generals across the Americas lose faith that the world can be made better, what befalls the rank and file? What happens when leaders and heroes abandon the fields and their flags? Does their desperation and despondency cascade downward? Superhero movies and novels seem like silly things to focus on, but the despair is real.

It is not only the superheroes and standard-bearers who have lost faith. It seems the world is in crisis.

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The idea that societies can positively change the world for the better through democratic institutions is declining. From Turkey to the United States, authoritarian regimes and ideas are spreading. In the United States, only 18 percent of Americans trust the government.

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Nearly 70 percent of Americans report primarily negative feelings about the state of the country. Only 36 percent are optimistic about the ability of the nation to bridge political differences and fix national problems. It is hard to be optimistic in our current moment. Our cultural productions illustrate that, but our policies do not inspire either.

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A resurgence of white supremacist violence, attacks on the press, and inhumane border policies are but a few reasons it is difficult to muster optimism. But perhaps, the moment does not call for optimism.

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Hope and optimism are not perfect substitutes. Optimism requires confidence of the outcome.

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It requires certainty. It hints at a teleology of progress.

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Hope is a desire for something, a want of an expectation. It retains an air of uncertainty, which requires a modicum of faith. In the midst of apartheid in South Africa, Archbishop Desmond Tutu was not optimistic about the possibility of change. He was confined by the circumstances of his time and place. He was enclosed in a system of racial politics and racial discipline. Time moves a lot quicker in this era of instant messages and text we live our lives in fast forward even more so than we realize.

We want it now That's long Google says people are willing to wait for an answer. Milliseconds less than the blink of denied any delay and users just move on but progress has come at a cost delicious anticipation.

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And then he thanked me. Desire -- fast forward to the kids doesn't just jeopardize romance. We speed date politicians to. I believe your visit working in Europe researchers -- the Max plank institute recently found that we make up our minds in. Guess what milliseconds. People in the country and the suburbs can bear a few more minutes in a line before losing it than city inhabitants can, but that's it.

In short, Americans want it all now. Or awfully close to now. And if I get to the checkout and if I have the perception it's not working efficiently, often that clock gets even louder. Creative merchants turn waiting time into something approaching quality time.

Impatient Nation

A lot don't. A free-for-all deli counter that doesn't let people take numbered tickets is a flashpoint for frayed nerves. But if managers approach shoppers in a long line and help shepherd them to the right counter, they'll have happier sheep. The typical supercenter shopper spends 25 to 30 minutes in the store, but many think they've been there an hour, Underhill says.

His company, Envirosell, monitors the behavior of shoppers and sellers across the U. Americans are demanding. Half in the AP-Ipsos poll said they refuse to return to businesses that made them wait too long. Nearly one in five owned up to speaking rudely to someone in the last few months when they weren't served efficiently. Overall, 60 percent in the survey said they can usually wait no more than 15 minutes in a line before losing their cool. Their fuses are even shorter on the phone.

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Nearly four in five respondents in the survey said their patience has run out while being kept on hold.