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Zip hoodie. Women tank top. Organic T-shirt. More Products. The article has been added to the basket. Activist Donations We donate a part of the sales to support the same causes promoted through the message on our political t-shirts. And Constantine and so many other saints were ironically murders The need of religion is an emotional one, that's why they are some educated people that are so religious.

Religions are wonderful works of fiction. What they require are good readers

Funny as they usually believe in science on the own hand and on immaculate conception on the other Religion is a tool to keep the masses in the dark and now that the western world is not that much interested in religion compared to past centuries, the spiritual leaders are seeking ways to slow down turn-over Another thing is the church as a lot of assets around the world and even is stakeholders in investments outside church eg Vatican and needs to have followers for cash flow purposes.

In some orthodox countries, the church is up there in power with the governments just behind the scenes As for all the people that HAVE proof about Jesus and his life and that he is the son of god at that, here's a simple question How many GODs are there really Don't mind me I have not bought in although my environment was sort of Christian One God, but many messengers, some were scientists, artists, poets soldiers, preachers and prophets, etc etc. Eventually someday, someone would have to show up and explain a lot of things that people would most certainly NOT want to hear.

So whats the verdit on the Shroud? Cant take any chances on this one Nigel, please Whether you believe Jesus was real or imaginary, whether you believe he was the Son of God or just a kook, there are virtually NO similarities between Jesus and Mithras or Horus or the Norse Balder, for that matter.

Religion Fiction

You and other skeptics only make yourselves look silly by straining to find parallels. Horus did not teach us how to live our lives, and didn't care a whit about human morality. Mithras, meanwhile, was born from a rock, and was not related to any deity. Nor did Mithras ever suggest that people who believed in him or emulated him would receive any kind of reward after death.

Non-believers regularly strain themselves trying to find any possible parallels between Jesus and various pagan legends, in hopes of discrediting Christianity. Thus far, they haven't found any parallels worth taking seriously. I would like someone to explain to me why Christians cant accept GOD's intent when someone is sick and resort to doctors and hospitals instead The logic is that it is still ultimately God who allows the treatment to succeed or not.

It's just that the scope of human intervention has indeed become lager. If God didn't want humans to use some particular technology, he would not allow it to produce the desired results. After all, many other things, such as immortality, perpetual motion or time travel, are impossible and perhaps will always be. Should they become possible some day, then, for those who believe in God, that will simply mean that God allowed it.

Nice God HOw BIG of him It was my impression that Josephus Flavian's account of Christ was a later medieval forgery. Some dutiful monk inserted the text into Flavian's histories. From very ancient times, way before the Syrians and Egyptians, there was a story of a man born to a virgin, preached peace and then was crucified on a cross Also, a very old method of death and then rose again after 3 days. The story was not a religious belief, it was a mnemonic trick to remember how to determine the Winter Solstice.

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The Sun rises more east every day until it comes to the solstice. Then it rises in the same place for 3 days right under the constellation of the cross since the cross is now not in that place, due to Earth wobble, shows how ancient the story is then it begins to rise westward has come back to life. The story of Jesus is based on that story as were hundreds of similar stories, once the true meaning and purpose was forgotten. And in Ancient Greek times, 3 was a magical number We can argue till the cows go home with bible bashers. They CANT understand in many cases reason.

Look it up folks. As for the debate about America and Europe and how religious the people are American society is overall more conservative deep down Mithras was born from a rock I suppose the rock may have been a virgin; it probably never had sex! She impregnated herself from the body parts of the dismembered god Osiris.

Nobody has ever claimed to know his actual birthdate. Satan tempted Jesus. Not even close to the same thing. The alleged similarities simply don't exist, no matetr what you've heard from Bill Maher or seen in sloppy propaganda films like "Zeitgeist. So maybe IVF should look into these safe, natural methods of conception IBS for one Zeus supposedly ate Metis afterward, but too late- Metris was already pregnant by Zeus and gave birth to Athena, who later came out of Zeus' head. You want to argue that BOTH stories are fiction?

You're free to do so. But they aren't the SAME story at all. I have not trieds to prove that Jesus was real though I do believe it or that he was divine though I do believe that, too. When some is an expert, as you claim to be, they are known in the field. You claim that no-one knows anything apart from you Nice little research you did to figure out Zeus's "head-baby" but a little Google here and there certainly does not make you an expert Im wrong again? Here's another quiz for you and I hope you find it in the next few days Were there are testaments burnt by the church because they ruined their myth???

Possibly written by a woman???? Don't get me wrong, we might not agree but I love your replies No, Zeus did NOT conceive. He impregnnated the goddess Metis, and then swalowed her. Metis then gave birth to Athena while inside Zeus.

Athena later came out of Zeus' head. Please follow the advice I gave Nigel" don't write about subjects you don't know anything about. It makes you look illy. If you never lived, no person would ever miss you. You want to deny a historical Jesus because your anti-faith, your loss, Nigel.

What is Religious Science Fiction?

But there is hope for you in another religion, a religion that embraces your type of morality, a religion known as Ebola-Chan. Don't you want Ebola on your country, there is no cure for love. Nice to see how much a so-called devoted follower actually follows the precepts of his faith. In all honestly hate much. That said to turn it around, if YOU never lived no person would miss you, the universe would not care.

You are merely irrelevant and without meaning. Nothing there and making no significant contributions to better things. Just a mere troll. Love it when Christianists are like that. Frankly I don't respond to divine extortion - believe in a set of warped religious beliefs or be tortured and burn in hell forever.

Live a just, noble caring life with honor and integrity, doing what you consider right and good. If your god is just then you should be welcomed for your values, good works and deeds. If your deity isn't just why worship him. And if there's no god, well you've made the world a better place and you will be remembered for that. We are just wasting our breaths because they seem to have an issue in understanding logic Marcus Aurelious Christians know it all and LOVE as you can see WE would Nigel Barber, Ph. Back Psychology Today.

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