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Do we claim to know things that we haven't put in place in our own lives?

A Testimony of Jesus Christ

In our Greek style culture, I would argue that an intellectual exercise has replaced the actual living out of our answers. We can come up with five reasons why Jesus is the way, the truth and the life for a nicely packed sermon. It tingles and resonates with our need for deep thinking. Something that goes beyond our normal conversations about the weather. But does it do more? Is that what Jesus modeled? Here's what I'm getting at: Our sermons and our conversations at coffee shops need to come from revelation and not just understanding. Once we have understanding, it's easy to create arguments and examples that back up what we think.

But revelation will be lived, it isn't just a thought, it's who you are. And with that I leave you. Because revelation can't be summed up in five points. Think, but then act and allow your thoughts to become real. With Revelation, however, we should start with the big picture and work toward an understanding of the details. As we try to identify theological principles in Revelation, we should focus on the main ideas.

Read a section of Revelation and try to capture the main idea in a short statement. For example, the main idea of Revelation 4—5 relates to the ascended and exalted Lord, who alone is worthy to execute the divine judgments. Resist the temptation to focus so much on the details that you miss the main idea. As has been said, when reading Revelation, the main thing is to make the main thing the main thing! If the central interpretive rule is to grasp the main idea of each vision, it becomes important that we have a general understanding of how the book unfolds.

We see the book unfolding in seven broad movements, bracketed by an introduction and a conclusion. These seven principles will give you a lifeline as you study your way through this famously challenging text. Categories New Testament Online Courses. Even modern scholars approach Revelation in several different ways. You may unsubscribe from these email communications at any time. If you have any questions, please review our Privacy Policy or email us at yourprivacy harpercollins.

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Daniel Hays Learn how to read, interpret, and apply the Bible for yourself. Grounded in sound and memorable principles, Biblical Interpretation gives you the tools you need to study Scripture with insight, accuracy, and understanding.

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What is the book of Revelation?

Email Address. Join the Conversation Required Leave this field blank. The New Testament is not a thing which elaborates on the material affairs of the world, but is concerned with our spiritual relationship with God. Why should Revelation be any different? One might argue that discussion of the dangers of material progress is indeed applicable to the progress of our relationships with God.

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True, but the other New Testament books deal with these issues in a more general fashion, applicable to all ages. I believe people have slipped away from the spirituality of things, and with the carnal mind, that we all share, and that is naturally curious , it has been a very successful venture for authors to throw in their two cents' worth of carnal speculation, lacking in spiritual interpretation.

I believe Paul's words in 1 Cor. The natural man cannot receive the things of God. One must pray and ask God for enlightenment and a state of spiritual receptivity, and then commence reading Revelation. Otherwise the sayings seem ridiculous and non-sensical.

High IQ's and degrees in science of mathematics is not going to reveal the interpretation of the symbols in Revelation. All the carnal interpretations of Revelation, relegating them to material items, and such, can be guessed at by any person, whether they be Christian or heathen. And I cannot see how God would have John write a book that any old heathen, who does not experience a revelatory relationship with God, could use and come up with the same interpretations that Christian "scholars" come up with, when the rest of the Bible clearly requires a spiritual experience with Christ to fully interpret.

And this is especially so upon consideration of the words of Christ concerning the false prophets and their errors that only the elect would be able to expose as errors. The common, popular interpretations people come up with today are so materialistically-oriented that anybody could come up with them.

They lack that special understanding that John refers to in Rev which accompanies true biblical interpretations which speak of the whole scope of God's Word in dealing with sin, self, salvation and spirituality. I mean, the Bible flows together. And if some of these material interpretations are correct, the book of Revelation breaks the flow and continuity of the flavour of Scripture. The NT writers, moved on by the Spirit of God to write, were no more concerned with helicopters and suchlike, thus indicating that God's inspiring Spirit also was not concerned with such things.

And the book of revelation is no different. But to look at Revelation as practical lessons relayed through interpretative pictures is more akin to reading, say, Romans, and Paul's analogies of slavery and marriage used to illustrate freedom from sin.

Understanding Revelations in the Bible

Revelation is so popular over and above the rest of the Bible to many believers since they feel they can relate to it better. The reason seems to be that the carnal mind is curious. Future events are likewise carnally fascinating. Its like reading Indiana Jones , or something or other, to these people. Fantasy and revealing of our future is all these people are interested in, and could care less for Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.

Commercial Christian writers have capitalized on that and pumped out all the carnal interpretations that feed such fleshly believers. To say that Revelation is not so much futuristic as it is a spiritual picture of our present existence with Christ is to pull out the carpet from such believers who would immediately drop their interest in reading Revelation ever again. They are not concerned with growing in Christ.

I became so disgusted with commercialization of Revelation that I about forbade myself from reading studies of Revelation any more. But then, in my humble opinion, I felt in my spirit that God spoke to me and told me that the writings in Revelation are not what people were saying they are. They are, rather, spiritual lessons about the inception of the New Covenant.

I do believe in the end of the world. And I believe the spiritual depths of this present life are only a drop in the bucket compared to the eternal wonders for the Church that lay ahead of us. Let me mention that all early believers looked at Revelation as pertinent to their day, and why cannot we, too? For, in this manner, it is pertinent to our day , and to every day of every generation of believers. Yes, I have read about the computer chips that can be placed in a man's hand, and no, I will not take a computer chip in my hand to spite the pop-prophecy teachers.

But I warn you, the computer chip is not what Revelation 13 was talking about. What does the right hand represent? Efforts and works. Go figure! Some believe that Revelation is simply never going to be understood. But the very title is against that thought! Its a revelation , not a closure! And its a Revelation of Jesus Christ.