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See all. One more element worth mentioning is that this book also includes sketches. Hubbard provides not only the story in the book, but also the illustrations. I feel like I got to know Bria even better because of the sketches. It was like peeking right into her private thoughts.

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Bria is an average girl, and never once is that a bad thing. Kirsten Hubbard impressed me with her debut novel, Like Mandarin, and I have to say she impressed me just as much with Wanderlove.


Will this story work for male readers? Some, maybe.

She does it well. I really enjoyed "Like Mandarin" and will probably enjoy this even more because Bria sounds so similar to me for better or worse! I'll be looking for it. Bria was a great character with a real growth in her story, and Hubbard's writing is as good here as it was in Like Mandarin.

Excellent review!

Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard

I just fell in love with Hubbard's writing in this book, and you hit on so many of the reasons why. Recommend Twitter.

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