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But the change is slower than most think.

Edward Thomasson: I Woke Up This Morning

The first email was sent in When did you send your first email? It is a very intriguing thought, that someone on the other side of the planet could be reading these words. Someone in Japan, sitting in a well known chain of coffee shops, reading these words written in Oslo, Norway, on Good Friday Or I could just start a group chat on one of the many available platforms, and discuss a subject related to opening up coffee shops with industry friends sitting in cities like Glasgow, Antwerp, Berlin, Tokyo, New York and Oslo.

Or any other topic, receiving instant answers to my inquiries. And even further, I remember very well how lost I sometimes felt when I lived in Minnesota in I was 17 then, and I really missed my friends back home. I got two letters from them during that year, and a few phone calls. I really had not much of a clue what they were up to.

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Now I know much more about what my friends are up to, thanks to Facebook, sms and emails. But I know a little about what they are up to, at least what they chose to share on social media. We all have our issues and problems, I think we all know that. No need to make all of them public knowledge. Two years ago I moved back to Oslo to open up a coffee shop.

Then came the 2nd, and the third. The third is a restaurant, but still a coffee shop during the day. I thought Oslo needed a space like Hendrix Ibsen, just like I thought Berlin needed a place like Oslo kaffebar, which I opened up almost 5 years ago, together with a former customer now turned partner. I wonder how Glasgow will respond to our Norwegian brown cheese. And Norwegian potato balls, not too far from the local Haggis.

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Why then? I really believe our places contribute in a positive way to the local community. We create spaces where almost anything goes, where all are equal, and where we offer local artists and folks the opportunity to do cool things.

FLAME Released 'Woke Up This Morning' featuring Wes Writer

That is part of our concept. To facilitate for activities, and see what comes out of it.

We do opera shows, flamenco performances, concerts, book and album launches, art exhibitions, spoken word and poetry events, and many more both strange and not so strange stuff. And then we offer very good coffee in what we think are cool spaces with great acoustics and sound.

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Woke Up This Morning

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